Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Moving Along

We have cleared a very significant approval this week, leaving only one more step before we can begin construction.  It's very exciting, and a little scary because we have not yet selected a contractor, and any mistake in this selection could easily result an expensive delay.  We are also eager to get on with the build.   The approval step has taken about 1.5 months longer then we were hopping, and there is still about a month left to go.

We added this public notice to the building too:

It was a bit of a hassle to get the graffiti paint off the window, but a little turpentine and a lot of scrubbing did the trick.  Turns out we were supposed to put this notice up when we first made our application in April, but we didn't know so it went up a little late.  No problem, it's there now.

We had some good news regarding demolition recently too.  After inspection by our engineer  it's been determined that a large amount of wood in the current structure of the house can be salvaged.   Probably there is enough to build out the mezzanine level which is fantastic news because we want to show the exposed beams there, and the old beams in the house will have a really nice rustic look.  They are also made of wood that would be hard to match today.  Additionally, a lot of the floorboards in the house can be reused.  We were always planning to use reclaimed wood for the flooring, but we were a little concerned that it would be hard to source, and possibly very expensive.  Using the wood from the house is a great option in every way.  I particularly like the story that it gives the place, and the added authenticity!