Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Roof is ON

First, sorry about the long delay getting a post up.  I've been busy, and even out of town since the last update. Work on the house has continued, and the pace is actually increasing now that the roof is on:

There was a little delay getting the roof tiled because we have started to have a lot of rainy weather, which is normal this time of year. There are still a few walls to add upstairs and that will require some dry days, but in general the weather's effect on our schedule should be limited now.

Inside the house, there's been a lot of work on the ground floor and walls.

The water pipes and electric conduit for the ground floor are all done.  Gas is next, but it looks like that may be a little more complicated then we had originally planned for. Next week we will have some meetings with the technical engineers regarding the gas connection. It turns out that our new oven will require some special work, and we are hoping it doesn't set us back too much time (or money).