Sunday, August 10, 2014

More Progress

The structural work continues on the house.  Things are moving along pretty well.  Last week the walls to the bathroom area were poured.

This also concludes the excavation work on the property.  That's good, because there's a small tree in the back garden (right behind the future bathrooms) that was really suffering.  I asked the workmen to try not to kill it, but they were noncommittal about it's future.   Happily, it looks like it has survived, although it has definitely been a difficult few months.  I plan to take good care of him and in time I hope he will become a central feature of our garden.  We haven't come up with a name for him yet.   Post a comment on this page if you have a suggestion.

There's been some work inside the house too.  Now that the cement has cured on the upper floors, the temporary supports have been removed, and we can start to get a feeling for how the space in the bar will feel.  The picture below shows the bar area which will have about 9 meters (30 ft) of clearance to the ceiling. The stone will remain exposed, and there will be a small wooden mezzanine level extending to the vertical metal column at the left of the picture.    This is really going to be a fantastic space, and I'm certain it will create an impression on our future customers.

I've also downloaded July from the time lapse camera.  The video below combines the three months to now (May through July):