Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More Progress

There has been some progress in the last month, and it's getting exciting for us because it's quite obvious that we are close to the end. The form of the building is complete, and now it is the final elements coming into place. It is easy now to stand inside the bar and feel what it will be like when it is finished.

In front, the picture is nearly complete.  The doors and windows have been painted, and the tiles are complete.  There are some telephone wires, but we are working with Portugal Telecom to remove them.

Inside, it is nice to see the oven in it's final position:

The ceiling in the main space has been applied, and it is an element that we were really eager to see. Early on we thought it would be nice to have an old style tin ceiling. It's not traditional in Portugal, but it is common early 20th century saloons in the United States, and we thought it might fit in with the age of the building. It was a little expensive, and very hard to source in Europe (ultimately, we brought it from the US) but it was worth the trouble. It looks great, and I think it will have a big impact:

The bathrooms for the bar are built into the garden, and will have a patio space on top. We are using 'pavement lights' to allow some natural light into the space which is mostly underground: