Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Delays, Reasons and Frustration

It has been a frustrating year end for us at TerraPlana. The construction work was targeted to end in November, and although we could see for a while that that date as not going to be met, we did not expect work to stop for nearly 2 months! It was all due to some serious issues with our contractor's main supplier.

Although our contractor has done a good job of keeping us in the loop, it's still been a very frustrating time. Our dream of having TerraPlana open for New Years is clearly passed (unless we are talking about Jan 1, 2016).

The good news is that the New Year has gotten off to a fresh start, and the work is underway again.  The roof is FINALLY sealed to the elements with the final two exterior wall segments added.

With these walls added (and the elements sealed out), the pace should pick up nicely.  I was on site today, and they had already framed most of the interior walls.

So, while we greatly regret the delay, we can at least report that TerraPlana is back on track towards a mid 2015 opening.