Friday, June 27, 2014

June in Time Lapse

Things slowed down a little last week.  First there was 'Dia de São João' (day of St John, patron saint of the city) which is a holiday and massive party for the city.  Then we had a little delay in getting the steel structure for the second floor.  I went by the house this morning, and everything is moving along again quite nicely.

They should be pouring concrete again towards the end of next week, and that will be the end of structural support work.  Our roof will be wood in a traditional style (but including insulation).  After the roof is on, then the work will move to framing the non-supporting walls, adding utilities, carpentry, and then finishes.  We are a little behind schedule, but the contractor is not worried about completing on time.

And now, the promised time lapse video of the work until today.  Next month, I will add the progress, and I think I'll add music too.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Onward, Upward

There is a lot scheduled for the next week.  Some more excavation for the foundations of the bathrooms, placing the metal beams for the second floor, connecting the plumbing for the sewage/drainage systems.

The work has already started to prepare for the second floor.  The bar area of Terraplana will have a double high ceiling, so the forms for the second floor concrete need to be supported by a large structure.  The picture below shows the first part of the scaffold structure.

The pipes for the sewage/drainage system have also arrived.

That's about all we have to report this week.  The project appears to be basically on schedule.  If everything goes as planned, we should have construction finished in November.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Digging Some Holes

There's not a whole lot to show this week, although quite a lot of work has been done. The most obvious thing is the new holes and trenches that have opened up in preparation for the drainage/sewage system.

We were required to have an archeologist present when these holes were opened. Fortunately, there was nothing of interest under the floor, so construction can continue.

There is also a lot of work going on the prepare the walls for the installation of the next floor and stairs. It's not particularly obvious in these pictures, but it has been busy on the worksite. the board attached to the wall in the picture below shows where the second floor stairs will go.  The walls also had to be cleaned of the old plaster coating because we will be leaving the stones exposed in the bar area.